Introducing Diverse Screens Parramatta Filmmaker: Rashmi Ravindran

Rashmi Ravindran is a writer, producer, director and poet from Delhi/Mumbai, India. As a very recent migrant to Australia, her documentary First Impressions will trace her journey as a migrant filmmaker, documenting her the rejections, search for work and exploring the stories of other artists of Indian ethnicity who are practicing their art in Sydney.


Is it possible to claim the screen and spotlight with the odds stacked against you? Can you ever be part of the mainstream and is that a necessity?

Rashmi Ravindran

Challenging the status quo

“These are South Asian migrants who have managed to create their own platforms for their language and culture. Most of them do it on the side – as a passion project – with other day jobs” says Rashmi. “They’ve challenged the status quo by telling stories not often seen or heard in our cultural landscape.”