Capacity Building through Diversity & Inclusion Training

According to the 2016 census, 49% of Australian are first- or second-generation migrants, yet only 10% of professional artists are from non-English speaking backgrounds.

The arts, screen and creative sectors help Australians to reflect, imagine and define ourselves. Yet the data shows that these sectors are losing a huge opportunity to become more relevant to real audiences through programming, casting, staffing and marketing that is skewed to cater to only one section of the population.

Diversity Arts Australia offers a range of diversity and inclusion services, tailored to the specific needs of arts, screen and creative organisations and led by highly experienced trainers.

I gained a sense of ally-ship from the mentor group and leaders. It was refreshing to be with people I didn’t have to explain my experiences to, people who could ‘see’ what I ‘see’ and who share the same vision for our creative industries.

Fair Play Victoria Participant

Capacity Building Opportunities with DARTS

  1. Organisation-Wide Audit

    As a starting point, we used evidence-based tools to assist organisations in determining their strengths and potential areas of improvement. We provide a supported organisational audit that looks at several dimensions of diversity, equity and inclusion.

  2. Design a Diversity Action Plan

    Using the data gathered from the organisational audit, we work with your organisation to develop a Diversity Action Plan that is tailored to your industry’s specific needs

  3. Tailored Training 

    We work with organisations to develop tailored training to fit specific identified needs, such as:

    Antiracism in the arts, screen and creative sectors

    Cross Cultural Safety 

    An introduction to key concepts: Justice, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-racism 

    Inclusive Programming in the arts, screen and creative sectors

    An Introduction to Intersectionality in an arts, screen and creative sector context

    Inclusive Recruitment and Retention

    Inclusive Marketing and Audience Development

    Measuring Social Impact and Diversity

  4. Comprehensive Capacity Building Program
    DARTS offers comprehensive capacity building programs that enable organisations and businesses to address justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism at the individual, institutional and structural levels. This program includes a comprehensive organisation-wide equity audit, tailored training sessions and the development of a Diversity Action/ Equity Action Plan with a DARTS mentor.

  5. Resources and Networks

    DARTS’ extensive range of free resources, tools and training materials are available on our website. Our resources include the Creative Equity Toolkit, our podcast The Colour Cycle, a wide range of videos, reports, interviews from our Creative Lives project.

Have you seen our Creative Equity Toolkit?

This toolkit is a collection of arts sector resources from around the world. It provides an action-oriented approach to increasing cultural diversity in the arts, one topic at a time.

Check out the CET!

Participating in the Fair Play program was an incredibly valuable experience on both an organisational and personal level. The program is structured in a way that it allows participants to learn from a variety of diverse trainers and presenters, whilst unpacking the invisible parts that make up organisational culture. This process is an absolute must for any arts organisation— takeaways are tangible and have a lasting impact on employees, stakeholders and audiences alike.

Katie Steward, Former General Manager at Music Victoria’s Victorian Music Development Office

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Our Approach

Our human-rights-based approach is driven by these key principles:

  • self-determination
  • participation
  • accountability
  • non-discrimination
  • anti-racism
  • social justice

For more on our conceptual framework, see Guiding Principles and Approaches to Capacity Building.

Our workshops and training session are interactive and imaginative, using role plays, digital resources, creative responses, discussion groups and hands-on activities to give participants an engaging, memorable and well-rounded understanding of issues, pitfalls and best practice in diversity, equity and inclusion.

What is Diversity?

DARTS recognises that diversity goes beyond ethnicity, language and race. It includes First Nations communities as well as a spectrum of genders, sexualities, ages, physical abilities, education, religions and geographic locations. We regularly collaborate with individuals and communities from all these groups and can work with your organisation to design an inclusion and diversity program to address their specific needs alongside culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities.


Why Choose Us?

  1. Diverse trainers Highly experienced trainers from culturally diverse communities

  2. Customised Training derived from an evidence-based audit of the organisation’s needs

  3. Human-rights focus Emphasises empowerment and self-determination

  4. Arts-specific Training is specifically designed for arts organisations

Training Consultant

Dr Görkem Acaroğlu Training Consultant

Dr Görkem Acaroğlu is a Creative Director, Mentor and Educator with over 20 years experience in programming, producing, teaching and artistic practice. Görkem has specialist expertise in cross-cultural engagement and working with diverse stakeholders. She provides vision and practical expertise to the realisation of multiple projects from the ground up and has worked in a range of arts and creative roles, including currently as Creative Director, Metanoia Theatre, as Arts Participation Manager at the City of Melbourne, and Program Producer at Federation Square. Gorkem was an inaugural Sidney Myer Creative Fellow and was awarded a PhD in 2015 for examining the capacity for technological actors to perform competently with human actors on stage.