Diversity Toolkit

DARTS is building a new website!

Research consistently reveals how very Anglo-focused our creative industries remain. While many of us know the value of cultural diversity in the arts, it’s not always easy to know how to create change. But there are loads of tools and resources out there that organisations internationally have used to take tangible and effective action.

So the aim of our project is to gather them together and make them easily accessible in one place.

We began with a sector-wide survey asking what would be useful, what topics and resources would be most practical and the best ways to access them. Our researchers are compiling a review of research on cultural diversity in the arts so we can bring you the evidence-based research and best practice in this area from around the world. And we are working closely with web developers to design an accessible and user-friendly interface that will truly support action.

For more information, contact Monique Choy monique.choy@diversityarts.org.au