Diverse Screens filmmaker Thuy Nguyen

Against the Grain

Against The Grain is a short documentary film, which explores the journey of several culturally diverse fashion designers from the South Western Sydney area. Fashion Designers featured include Muslim Street Designer, Delina Darusman- Gala, Vietnamese Designer Marky Dong and Fijian Designer Bayvick Lawrence. Themes in the documentary which will be explored will include influences in the design making process, struggles as a designer as well as the lack of representation and opportunities to fashion designers of colour. This film directed by Thuy Nguyen is produced in collaboration with local Creative Cave founders Simon Huynh and Paulinna Srikaew. This documentary film hopes to unite the many diverse communities of South West Sydney, inspire future generations to overcome all obstacles and to follow their dreams as well as celebrate the amazing local talent that South West Sydney has to offer.

Diverse Screens filmmaker Thuy Nguyen

Fairfield filmmaker Thuy Nguyen (25) is a fashion film creative and she takes us straight into the world of fashion and design in her documentary for DARTS’ Diverse Screens project. She told us a little bit about her experience on the project.

What ideas did you explore in your film?

Against the Grain explores the journey of local fashion designers from diverse backgrounds, including their inspirations and struggles.

Did the experience of working on this project change how you thought about your subject matter?

Working with the local fashion designers has reinforced the fact that we have such talented people in our local communities and we need to be doing more to support them and support each other.

What is you filmmaking background?

I got a B. of Creative Technology (Film & T.V production) at JMC Academy before going to work on numerous community projects such as such as Memories Gone By (2015), a documentary exploring the 40 years of Vietnamese Settlement in Australia and Cancer Council’s “Change of our Lives (2013), a feature film about the misconceptions of Hepatitis B within the Vietnamese Community. I have also been a research assistant on SBS’ Once Upon a Time in Cabramatta (2012), a 3 part documentary telling the turbulent history of Cabramatta.

Can you share anything about your personal experience or your opinion about barriers to inclusion in the Australian creative sector?

Everyone has difference experiences working in the Australian creative sector, the film industry has a long way to go in terms of improving diversity, there have been many times I have been on predominantly white male set and felt out of place. I feel that some creative industries are doing better than others, for e.g in the fashion industry they tend to be more accepting in terms involving of fashion designers from diverse backgrounds whereas in the film industry we have to try a lot harder to be seen and heard. No industry is perfect of course which is why projects like Diverse Screen Projects are amazing.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Our community has so much talent and skills to offer in terms of the creative industry, film and theatre has always been at the forefront of it, through this project I really want every to see what amazing fashion designers we have in the area and I can’t wait for everyone to see their stories on screen.