Disability and Culturally Diverse Internship – 2023 Graduates

Photo credit: Björn Bolander. 2023 Graduating interns with Accessible Arts CEO Liz Martin, DARTS CEO Lena Nahlous and Program producer Eugenie Lee at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Congratulations to the graduating interns from our Ripple: Disability and Culturally Diverse Internship Program, led in partnership with Accessible Arts NSW and a range of arts, cultural and screen organisations across NSW and the ACT.

The legacy of this program will be a network of cultural access consultants who will help improve access to arts, culture and community events for people with disability from underrepresented culturally diverse backgrounds.

To commemorate their remarkable achievements, a graduation ceremony was held at the Art Gallery of NSW on December 12, 2023.

M. Sunflower – Internship at UTP

M. Sunflower is a culturally diverse First Nations Australian with disability. A descendant of the Aboriginal Warmuli people of the Dharug Nation, Lebanese post-war migrants, Chinese gold rush immigrants and UK convicts, M. Sunflower embodies the diverse ancestral legacy of Australia’s painful and complex colonial past. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photomedia) from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, and is currently Co-Director of the Board at Firstdraft. Her interdisciplinary practice encompasses photography, video, painting, sculpture, fashion design and installation; raising visibility of issues related to identity, trauma and disability. A strong believer in art as activism, she works actively to advocate for human rights, and create opportunities and support for marginalised peoples of all identities.  

Thuy Diem Mây Trần – Internship at Brand X

Mây Trần is a Vietnamese-Australian performer, theatre-maker, and exhausted person based in Western Sydney. Their work explores the cultural perception of neurodivergence with intersections of race, gender, sexuality and class. With a background largely in theatre, some of their credits include ’Cleansed’ (Old Fitz Theatre, 2022), ’Hot Mess’ (KXT, 2021), ’R+J RMX’ (Opera House, 2021) and ’PLAYLIST '(PYT, Opera House, 2019).  Currently, they are creating a solo work about their experiences as a late diagnosed autistic with ADHD. Their work reflects their passion for the radicalisation and celebration of queer, POC and disabled communities, of which they are proudly a member of.

Faye Chamberlain – Internship at Art Gallery of NSW

Faye is a profoundly Deaf woman who grew up with a mixture of two different languages – Signed English and speaking/lip reading. She learnt Auslan later in life. She is half Polish and half Australian. She has always loved the arts and is particularly passionate about illustration and writing and how these artforms allow you to be anything you want to be – you can reshape yourself into any character, landscape or object. Faye describes her illustration style as a little bit cartoony and eclectic. Her writing spans both fiction and non-fiction.

Cass Li – Internship at Art Gallery of NSW

Cass Li is an emerging writer and filmmaker with an experimental personal documentary practice. Raised in Western Sydney, Dharawal country, her essayistic work explores her lived experience as a second generation Australian with Timorese Chinese heritage. She recently graduated with Honours in Media Arts at UTS. Her research and practice in first person documentary filmmaking explores Asian Australian identity, hybrid realities and the representation of self. Her first film, ‘the sign of a frog’ (2022), was screened at Antenna Documentary Film Festival as part of the Best Australian Shorts competition and she attended AIDC (Australian International Documentary Conference) 2023 as a Leading Lights screen creative. Cass is passionate about experimental, compassionate and collaborative modes of working and developing inclusivity and accessibility in the arts.

Monique Moate – Internship at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Special thanks to Accessible Arts’ Program Producer Eugenie Lee, and DARTS’ Campaigns & Projects, Creative Producer, Carielyn Tunion.

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This program is supported by the Commonwealth Government Department of Social Services.

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