Karen Soldatic

Associate Professor Karen Soldatic is a sociologist whose research processes and practices aim to understand and support the exploration of intersectional identities cutting across issues of gender, disability, race and ethnicity and Indigeneity.  Karen came to Western Sydney University as an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow (2016–2019) and is now based at the School of Social Sciences at Western Sydney University. She was awarded a Fogarty Foundation Excellence in Education Fellowship for 2006–2009, a British Academy International Fellowship in 2012 and a fellowship at The Centre for Human Rights Education at Curtin University (2011–2012), where she remains an Adjunct Fellow. Her research on global welfare regimes builds on her 20 years of experience as an international, national and state-based senior policy analyst, researcher and practitioner. She obtained her PhD (Distinction) in 2010 from the University of Western Australia.