Lindy Lee

Lindy Lee. Image credit: Zoe Wesolowski-Fisher

Lindy Lee is a Chinese-Australian artist who has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. Lee’s practice explores her Chinese roots through the philosophies of Taoism and Buddhism which emphasises humanity’s close relationship to nature and the universe. Her work investigates the interdependence between the material and the immaterial. The use of materials, images and processes in her work can be seen as a metaphor for the porous nature of ‘being in the world’, where the boundaries between ‘self’ and ‘other’, ‘cultures’ and ‘societies’ are permeable. Lee is a founding member of Gallery 4A in Sydney’s Chinatown. She is a former board member of Artspace and the Australian Centre of Photography, former president of the Asian Australian Artists Association, former deputy chair of the Visual Arts and Craft Board of the Australia Council and has been Artist Trustee of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.


Image credit: Zoe Wesolowski-Fisher