Naavikaran is an all-round goddess in the form of a multi-gender trans woman, badass entrepreneur, community educator, writer, organiser and choreographer from India, based in Meanjin (Brisbane). Their work aims to create platforms for storytelling that is accessible and safe for identities of various intersections and communities. Naavikaran was named as one of the 30 Under 30 LGBTIQ+ Leaders in Australia by Out For Australia in 2019 for their contributions to the community. As a theatre producer and performer they starred in The Neighbourhood by La Boite Theatre Company, Future Ancestors by Metro Arts Theatre and Tales From The Colony by The Skin Deep Collective. Naavikaran is the founder of ‘ruhmantic’, a royal chai brand and experience that is aimed to support artists and storytellers of colour. Their latest track ‘The Closet’ and ‘Mansion of Grace’ can be found on all streaming platforms, but especially Spotify. Naavikaran’s pronouns are she/they.