Rādhikā Ram Tevita

Rādhikā (she/her/they), born and raised in Aotearoa, now calls Bidjigal Country ‘home’. A graduate of Victoria University of Wellington (Commerce & Administration), and a lawyer admitted to practice in New Zealand (2004) and New South Wales (2007), Rādhikā has worked in a diverse range of roles across the corporate and public sector on both sides of the Tasman.

Rādhikā has a long history of advocacy, as a third culture kid raised among new refugee arrivals. She gained experience in immigration support services for refugees and migrants as a Pacific Advisor to the Minister of Immigration (NZ), Coordinator of Pacific Island Law Students (faculty position) and gained considerable insight into the systemic challenges working in refugee determination. In these lands of so-called Australia, she is one half of the team leading the collective, we are the mainstream, and manages a Girl Guide Unit in Gadigal/Bidjigal country. It serves as a perfect excuse to engage in her love of working with her hands, using sustainable practices in areas such as yarn dyeing, handcrafts and upcycling. She can occasionally be spotted as a workshop facilitator for The Bower Repair Cafes.