Tanushri Saha

Tanushri Saha is a designer, researcher and writer based on Burramattagal land, Sydney.

Working primarily in the space between service design and research, Tanushri’s practice explores the possibilities of socially-engaged design as a method for creating more just futures. At the heart of her work is a consideration of how design brings particular worlds into being, and the role it must play in transitioning toward worlds that are fairer for everyone. Her interests include transition design, systems thinking, science fiction, and questions of ecology. Across all areas of her work, Tanushri is deeply committed to community led, collaborative practice.

Tanushri works as a service designer and researcher at Nook Studios. Previously, she has worked for the National Association for the Visual Arts, Médecins Sans Frontières, and the Sydney Opera House. She is the former visual arts editor of Peril Magazine.

Tanushri holds a Bachelor of Arts (Cultural Studies and History), and a Master of Design (Design Innovation) from the University of Sydney.