Creative Cultural Diversity Network AU

CCDN Overview

At Diversity Arts, we work to champion a more diverse, inclusive and equitable arts & cultural sector. We do this through advocacy; policy; training and capacity-building; and strategic creative projects. We also host regular meetings with a Network of arts workers & organisations called the Creative Cultural Diversity Network (or CCDN).

The Creative Cultural Diversity Network is a national group for arts workers and organisations working towards racial and cultural equity. Diversity Arts hosts regular roundtables online to support this work.

During these roundtables, we can map out collaborative approaches towards shared goals for an arts & cultural sector that is more just, equitable and inclusive of marginalised groups and communities. These roundtables help inform our work and advocacy, and give us a better understanding of our collective needs and priorities. The Network also allows us to work on joint advocacy campaigns; share latest research, news and projects; and support each other as workers in this space.

From time to time, we will also be joined by featured guests who will speak on topics ranging from policy and best practices. The aim of the group is to be better organised as a sector to act on issues impacting our communities.

“The CCDN (Creative Cultural Diversity Network) is such a valuable space to share lived and learned experience and real-life examples that need to be shared with the wider world to drive change” 

Sherryl Reddy, Equity and Inclusion Advisor

CaLD Roundtables

We host a ‘CaLD Roundtable’ for arts workers who identify as any of the following:

  • culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD)
  • culturally and racially marginalised (CaRM)
  • Person of Colour (PoC)
  • of migrant, refugee, asylum-seeker or humanitarian-entrant experience/background

The CaLD Roundtable is a space for people who have lived experience of racial & cultural inequity to connect and set the agenda/priorities for the ‘All-in’ Roundtables.

‘All-in’ Roundtables

The All-in roundtables are for the whole Network to work collaboratively towards racial and cultural equity in the arts, creative and cultural sectors.