Pacesetters Conversations – Season 6 of The Colour Cycle Podcast Out Now!

Pacesetters Artists: Kamahl, Mayu Kanamori, MC Trey, Khaled Sabsabi and Tony Ayres. Interviewers: Sunil Badami, Yuki Kawakami, Simone Amelia Jordan, Abdul Abdullah, and Patrick Abboud.

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Diversity Arts Australia (DARTS) is thrilled to announce Season 6 of The Colour Cycle Podcast: The Pacesetters Conversations, showcasing the creative journeys of trailblazing artists from culturally and racially marginalised backgrounds and their transformative impact on their respective industries.

DARTS’ original Pacesetters project – which emphasised an urgent need to create a historical archive chronicling the creative practice of artists from culturally diverse backgrounds in Australia – laid the foundation for this season of The Colour Cycle. From 2019 to 2020, DARTS launched The Pacesetters Creative Archives, an invaluable collection of stories from established practitioners across various art forms like literature, visual arts, performing arts, screen and film, and community cultural development.

Thanks to Create NSW’s Rescue and Restart program funding, the pilot program centred around artists living in New South Wales. DARTS commissioned local writers to conduct intergenerational interviews with notable talent, capturing the histories of veteran artists and creative workers who have significantly contributed to the sector. These pieces were featured in high-profile publications, including Sydney Review of Books, Rolling Stone Australia, Australian Photography Magazine and Mutual Art.

The project features compelling interviews with twenty exceptional artists:

Fadia Abboud, Paula Abood, Khadim Ali, Anandavalli, Tony Ayres, Paschal Daantos Berry, Boey Kim Cheng, Alissar Chidiac, Sawong Jabo, Simone Amelia Jordan, Kamahl, Mayu Kanamori, Lindy Lee, Lex Marinos, Khaled Sabsabi, Saleh Saqqaf, Annette Shun Wah, MC Trey, William Yang, and Edison Yongai. A group of talented writers conducted the interviews: Patrick Abboud, Abdul Abdullah, Safdar Ahmed, Sunil Badami, Hawanatu Bangura, Valerie Berry, Alissar Chidiac, Eileen Chong, Cecelia Cmielewski, James Elazzi, Roanna Gonsalves, Simone Amelia Jordan, Yuki Kawakami, Melissa Lee Speyer, L-FRESH The Lion, Teik Kim Pok, Shakthidharan Sivanathan, Saleh Saqqaf, Kean Wong, and Tian Zhang.

“The interviews were structured as a conversation about the creative journey of these artists and practitioners, including specific projects, exhibitions, performances, or a broad overview of their work. We explored common themes in their work, mentors and influences that informed their practice, their legacy, advice for younger artists, particularly those from non-Anglo backgrounds, and finally, their future hopes for the arts/creative industry in Australia.”

Lena Nahlous, DARTS CEO

“The Pacesetters Creative Archive project gives visibility to the life work of artists who have contributed significantly to the vibrancy of Australia’s arts and cultural landscape. This opportunity allowed for cross-generational dialogue to flourish, which was an incredibly moving and enlightening experience. Sharing the stories of leaders and elders within our community is integral in shaping our understanding of who we are while providing future generations a chance to understand and connect with their cultural heritage.”

Yuki Kawakami, one of the writers and interviewers, expressed her gratitude 

Pacesetters Conversations

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of these extraordinary artists. Season 6 of The Colour Cycle Podcast: The Pacesetters Conversations is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and all major streaming platforms.

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