Announcing I Am Not a Virus: Creatives

Image: Red Hong Yi

I am Not a Virus is our artist-led project to confront the xenophobia and racism that accompanied the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. We received 100+ proposals from Asian-identifying creatives across the country in a huge range of practice areas: visual arts, writing, poetry, performance, screen, audio-visual, music, and comedy, and have selected 49 artists to commission work that will be showcased on the project website. Congratulations to the creatives.

The project aims to bust stereotypes and provide a counter-narrative to issues of long-standing racism in Australia that are revealing themselves in the face of COVID-19. We wanted works that engage, inspire, start conversations, which can be shared widely to counter racism in our communities.

Thank you to our selection panel: Mikala Tai (4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art), Imogen Yang (Insightful, NSW), Hoa Pham (Peril magazine, VIC) and Joon-Yee Kwok (Australian Bureau of Asian Creatives, QLD); our funders: Australia Council, City of Sydney and City of Parramatta; and, partners: Asian Australian Alliance, Democracy in Colour and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.

Successful Creatives are listed in alphabetical first-name order:

  1. Amy Zhang + Maggz (NSW*)
  2. Ana Nguyen (NSW*)
  3. Andrea Srisurapon (NSW*)
  4. Audrey Alim (NSW*)
  5. Benjamin Tsok Wee Yap (VIC)
  6. Celine Cheung (NSW*)
  7. Christine Lai (NSW**)
  8. Deborah Faye Lee & Sarah Tan (NSW* & VIC)
  9. Derek Ho (VIC)
  10. Desmond Mah (WA)
  11. Dyan Tai (NSW*)
  12. Eric Jiang (NSW*)
  13. Eunice Andrada (NSW**)
  14. Fiora (TAS)
  15. Huyen Hac Helen Tran (NSW**)
  16. Jacqueline Dixon (VIC)
  17. Jacqueline (Jackie) Lo (VIC)
  18. Jacqueline Mohr (NSW*)
  19. Jacqueline Pon (NT)
  20. Jayanto Tan (NSW**)
  21. Jin Hien Lau (NSW**)
  22. Jocelin Meredith (VIC)
  23. Joe Lui Shang Yu (WA)
  24. Judy Kuo (VIC)
  25. Kim Pham (NSW**)
  26. Lawrence Liang (NSW*)
  27. Kelly Huynh (NSW*)
  28. Lili Mikami (QLD)
  29. Maria Tran (NSW*)
  30. Matcho Cassidy (SA)
  31. Michael Chan (VIC)
  32. Mimi Leung (VIC)
  33. Nathan Liow (VIC)
  34. Priyanka Bromhead (NSW**)
  35. Rowena Rasmussen (NSW*)
  36. Sai-Wai Foo (VIC)
  37. Sean Stephen Ryan (VIC)
  38. Sophia Cai (VIC)
  39. Sophie Zhou (NSW*)
  40. Susan Ling Young (NSW**)
  41. Sweet and Sour (ACT)
  42. Sydney Farey (ACT)
  43. Tien Tran (NSW*)
  44. Tina Huang (NSW*)
  45. Thuy Nguyen (NSW*)
  46. Wina Jie (VIC)
  47. Youbi Lee (VIC)
  48. Zachary Lopez (NSW*)

*City of Sydney funded recipient.

**City of Parramatta funded recipient.