COVID Impact Survey for 2021

It’s been one year since the first COVID lockdowns, and in March 2020 Diversity Arts and our partners sent out a survey to measure the impact on creatives of colour. We shared this information and used it to advocate for the needs of culturally diverse creatives. The Australia Council also put the findings on their website along with the findings from other surveys that were conducted at the time.

One year on, we’ve re-launched a new survey to revisit the impacts of living with COVID restrictions on artists, groups and organisations — so that we and our partners can determine how best to support both creatives and organisations. 

Have you or your organisation lost work after the last tumultuous 12 months? What kinds of support do culturally diverse creatives, organisations and businesses need in the wake of anti-racism movements?

Thank you to Nexus Arts, MAV, Country Arts SA, CAN and Feral Arts for supporting this. If you’re a creative or organisation, please share your experiences and help us advocate for you. This time around we’ve added questions about racism and the impacts of BLM. 

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The survey takes between 5-12 minutes to complete.

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