InterGenerate Artist Gathering #1

2024 InterGenerate Mentors, Mentees and Project Team. Photo credit: Justine Da Jose.

On Monday, 29 April, Diversity Arts hosted the InterGenerate Artist Gathering, crafted to create a meaningful space for our InterGenerate artists. It was a pleasure to witness such vibrant exchanges over a timber table and a shared meal, as the Artists discussed the motivations behind their involvement, and explored the depths of their artistic practices and personal connections. InterGenerate is a mentorship initiative dedicated to uplifting culturally and racially marginalised (CaRM) artists.

Our aim was not only to nurture existing relationships within the mentoring groups but also to foster new ones, deepening the community’s understanding and support. A significant focus was placed on sharing narratives of resilience and tenderness, both personal and professional, which aligns with our project’s goal to inspire and empower future generations of CaRM artists.

Find more photos at the online gallery.

Thank you for the generous sharing of intergenerational stories and practices from the artists and project team:

Featured Artists

  • Lindy Lee mentoring Angie Pai

  • Khaled Sabsabi mentoring An.Other Collective members, Wasielah Noorsjamsi, Vina Purwantoro, Della Indradi and Nailah Masagos

  • Anandavalli mentoring Lingalayam Dancers, Vineetha Menon and Dhanya Karthikeyan

Project Team

  • Lena Nahlous: Executive Producer, DARTS CEO

  • Paschal Berry: Creative Director

  • Carielyn Tunion: Producer – Creative Projects & Campaigns

  • Kevin Bathman: Strategic Projects Producer

  • Dr Rohini Balram: Research, Education and Policy Manager

  • Glaiza Perez: Communications & Digital Engagement Manager

  • Videography: Phoenix Eye Film Production Company. Photography: Justine Da Jose.

Our heartfelt thanks to organisational partner ACE for providing us with space to host this event; and gratitude to Create NSW for supporting this vital project.