Meet Board Observer: Amiinah Dulull

Amiinah Dulull
Amiinah Dulull

We’re delighted to welcome Amiina Dulull as a new Board Observer at Diversity Arts Australia. Amiina is a financial services lawyer with a passion for equity and inclusion, extensive experience in non-for-profit organisations, and a dedication to community service.

Get to know Amiinah below.

Please introduce your work and interests?

“Hello! I’m a financial services lawyer with over three years of experience, deeply committed to advocating for equity and inclusion. Beyond my professional life, I’m an avid reader, a Pilates enthusiast, and a devoted parent, navigating the world’s complexities with my son.

I strive to give back to the community by contributing to not-for-profit (NFP) organisations, especially to the ones that seek to enable a fairer, more inclusive, and democratic voice of underrepresented groups and perspectives. My passion for supporting vulnerable groups has led me to volunteer with organisations like the Refugee Legal, Digital Law Association, and YMCA Whittlesea. My involvement in the NFP industry has been a source of immense fulfillment. As the membership manager of the Digital Law Association and Co-Lead of the Partners and People portfolio, I have actively contributed to fostering a sense of community and promoting inclusivity within the legal sector. Also, serving as a Board Member of YMCA Whittlesea has allowed me to contribute to empowering the youth and supporting families in need, solidifying my dedication to social impact.

As someone who identifies as culturally and linguistically diverse, I was looking to also contribute to communities that mirror my own experiences and challenges.”

Why did you join the Observership Program?

“I joined the Observership Program because I wanted to stretch my legal skills into something bigger. Currently serving on the board of YMCA Whittlesea, I saw how crucial good governance is for NFPs to succeed. But there’s so much more to learn! This program stood out to me because it is not just about sitting in on meetings; it is a real chance to get hands-on training in governance and leadership. I am excited to dive deeper into how NFPs make decisions, tackle challenges, and keep everything running smoothly. Plus, it is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other organisations committed to inclusivity and learn new ways to make a difference.”

What drew you to working with the Board at DARTS?

“Being matched with Diversity Arts Australia (DARTS) felt exactly right for me. My enthusiasm for the arts and diversity runs deep, from exploring CALD literature lately to embracing various cultural expressions. DARTS’ commitment to reflecting Australia’s cultural diversity in the arts sector mirrors my values. What excites me most about joining DARTS’ board is to see how the board creatively and strategically overcomes obstacles to make the arts more inclusive. As a board observer, I look forward to offering my insights, drawing lessons from the board’s innovative approaches, and contributing to the shared goal of making the art sector reflect the complex diversity of the Australian population.”

What do you hope to bring and learn at DARTS?

“As a lawyer who loves working in financial services and helping NFP organisations, I have built a strong foundation in compliance, strategic problem-solving, and governance. I am looking forward to using what I know to contribute to DARTS. I am eager to contribute to DARTS’s vision by bringing my legal expertise and fresh perspectives to enhance governance and strategy that champion cultural diversity within the arts sector. At the same time, I am here to learn new things. I want to understand the special challenges and chances in the world of arts and diversity better. By being part of this, I hope to get better at leading NFPs and find new ways to make sure everyone is included and treated fairly, not just in the arts but everywhere.”