Meet Board Observer: Melina Talanis

Board Observer Melina Talanis
Board Observer Melina Talanis

We’re excited to welcome Melina Talanis as a new Board Observer at Diversity Arts Australia. Melina is an accomplished philanthropy professional with a strategic approach, deep understanding of donor motivations, and notable fundraising success across various sectors, driven by her passion for empowering organisations to effect positive change.

Get to know Melina below.

Why did you join the Observership Program?

“I am very interested in corporate governance, especially the role boards play in ensuring ethical business practices and would like to learn how I could best make a meaningful contribution. I would love to have the opportunity to give back through serving on the board of an organisation that promotes a cause aligned with my values and make a positive impact on a broader scale in this way.”

What drew you to working with the Board at DARTS?

“As a Greek / Australian / Syrian woman who has recently become Australian as well, I deeply value multiculturalism, diversity and inclusivity. I see strong alignment between my personal values and my background with the mission of Diversity Arts Australia and I love the broad yet targeted approach DARTS is taking in effecting change.”

What do you hope to bring and what do you hope to learn?

“I am an experienced philanthropic fundraising professional and hope to contribute insights and expertise around philanthropic engagement for DARTS. I understand what is required to build long-term, mutually beneficial philanthropic partnerships and what motivates and engages donors and would love to share this knowledge to advance DARTS’ mission.

I hope to gain deeper insights into the inner workings of a NFP Board and am so grateful to have this opportunity to observe the discussions and decisions around the DARTS Board table. I love the combination of the theoretical and practical learning the Observership program offers and am looking forward to gaining a broader understanding of how Board Directors at DARTS define and pursue their role.”