Stories from the Future

Re-imagining the arts

Stories from the Future was a workshop series held in 2019 to imagine a future where cultural diversity is present at every level in the arts. Submissions for workshops have now closed. Thank you for joining us and watch this space for workshop outcome details!

Our 2019 NSW, SA, ACT and WA workshops were co-hosted with our key state partners – Casula Powerhouse, Parramatta Artists Studios, The Street, Community Arts Network, and Nexus Arts with support from Regional Arts WA & Country Arts SA. The workshops flowed from the personal to the structural and systemic; including exercises that reflected upon experiences of marginalisation in the arts to group exercises of collectively imagining milestones and actions along a timeline towards an equitable culturally diverse arts scene in 2050. Creatives and arts workers of First Nations, culturally diverse, migrant and refugee backgrounds attended the workshops with some attendees from other states/territories


FAQ – Workshop Outcomes

Workshop outcomes will be shared via short films, podcasts, a report, written works and more to reach a national audience and evoke steps towards equitable change by providing a platform for culturally diverse voices in the creative sector to be heard. Sydney University’s Dr Remy Low, Lecturer from the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, is our workshop facilitator. Timelines and collective ideas from the interstate workshops will be shared in a report next year.

What's your vision for 2050?

Project Updates

In January 2019, we kicked off the first workshops in NSW at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and Parramatta Artists Studios with a range of artists and arts workers from across the creative sector.

Check out the workshop coverage at Peril Magazine and read Salaat by Omar Sakr, a poem inspired by a personal reflection upon the connections between the past, present and future at the workshop. Also read Islandless Islanders: the very real threat of climate change by Winnie Dunn at SBS Life for another reflective piece inspired by the workshop. At Peril Magazine, Monica Kumar also explores the present and the future state of being in The year is 2050 and nothing much has changed.

In March and April 2019, we launched the first introductory short films based on the NSW Stories from the Future workshops at two events with Councillor Charishma Kaliyanda and Councillor Patricia Prociv.The introductory films were launched as part of the celebrations for Harmony Day: Forum For Home at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and the Stories from the Future social mixer at Parramatta Artists Studios. Stay tuned to this space for the online short films coming soon.