Survey: Lost Work For Creative Sector Workers and Creatives of Colour

(Image Credit: Flickr Creative Common User Jan-Willem Swane)

Have you lost work?

At Diversity Arts, we are working closely with the creative sector to advocate for culturally diverse creative sector workers and artists in the wake of cancellations and postponements to arts projects due to COVID-19 measures. Help us advocate for assistance.

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Artists unite
Along with our survey* of the impact on culturally diverse artists, other organisations are gathering data on our sector. Here’s how you can help:

Support artists and creative sector workers
Now more than ever, support for culturally diverse artists is of paramount importance. You can support artists by:

  • Donating the price of any cancelled tickets to the event organisers.
  • Donating to Diversity Arts to support our work in campaigning for diverse artists. It’s tax deductible!

Look after your physical, mental and emotional health during these uncertain times. Take the opportunity to catch up on reading, watching and listening to some great content:

* Apology: When our survey was first published there was an error in the identity question, allowing only once choice to be selected. We have now corrected this mistake.

Our Preliminary Survey Results

23 March 2020 Media release: Culturally Diverse Creatives fear they’ll be hit hard by pandemic shutdowns: 91% predict income loss. The survey will also continue to stay open and results will be updated:

Read our Media Release