Unveiling the StoryCasters 2.0 media program

Diversity Arts Australia (DARTS) has launched StoryCasters 2.0, building upon the success of their trailblazing program based in Western Sydney for culturally diverse 18-30-year-olds.

Presented by Diversity Arts Australia in partnership with Multicultural NSW, Media Diversity Australia and Sweatshop Literacy Movement, this year’s StoryCasters program empowers aspiring storytellers through immersive training and mentorship in Photojournalism, Podcasting, and Writing/Criticism.

The program features intensive training sessions, masterclasses, industry excursions, assignments, and engaging activities to familiarise participants with both traditional and citizen journalist models. A selected of the work that is produced will be showcased in Multicultural NSW’s new youth publication.

“StoryCasters is a unique program for individuals to develop their craft and explore diverse storytelling formats,” says Lena Nahlous, CEO of Diversity Arts Australia. “It serves as a stepping stone towards amplifying culturally diverse voices within media, journalism and the creative industries.”

Over 30 people gathered this week for the program induction. StoryCasters are placed in three program streams: teaching writing and criticism; podcasting; and photojournalism fundamentals.

“This program is a wonderful opportunity to leverage my background as the daughter of immigrants to Australia while maximising my growth as a young journalist,” says incoming participant Anushri Sood. “My experiences have propelled my desire to promote cross-cultural stories that enrich the Australian media landscape. I’m honoured to hone and develop my editorial skills in different mediums as a StoryCaster.”

Fellow participant Danny Yazdani says, “Being a StoryCaster allows me to refine my interests in covering the taboo and the unconventional, both severely untouched in international and Australian media and storytelling. My writing practice will benefit from DARTS’ goal to foster the growth of diversity in leadership for the arts.”

“Building on the pilot program’s success, this vibrant community connects aspiring storytellers with industry experts, allowing them to network, learn, and contribute to our evolving media landscape,” says author and journalist Simone Amelia Jordan, StoryCasters 2.0 program manager. Specialist trainers included photojournalist Isabella Moore, veteran podcast and radio producer Nadyat El Gawley, and Sweatshop Literacy Movement’s Winnie Dunn and Sheree Joseph.


Diversity Arts Australia (DARTS) is Australia’s national voice for ethnocultural and migrant racial equity in the arts, cultural, and creative industries. Our work is underpinned by a human-rights ethic, social justice principles, and the belief that a diverse spectrum of creative expression and participation is fundamental to a democratic, inclusive, and sustainable creative sector and society.

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For program and media enquiries, please contact Jo at info@diversityarts.org.au / ‭02 8821 9169.

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