Diverse Screens

Edgy filmmakers tackling the touchy subject of cultural diversity in the arts

Diverse Screens

We commission emerging, mid-career and established filmmakers to take on the theme of cultural diversity in the arts. These films are specifically designed to provoke, inspire and generate discussion.

Story map

DARTS’s vision for this project is to develop a national map of screen-based stories by culturally diverse filmmakers exploring issues and themes about cultural diversity and inclusion in the arts and creative sector. By asking filmmakers to address these issues in a creative way, we also hope to explore creative change and solutions to barriers and difficult issues.
The Diverse Screens project began in 2017 by inviting four South West Sydney filmmakers to address these issues. In 2018 the project , we are looking to Parramatta LGA and City of Sydney filmmakers to tell their stories. Each region has distinctive issues and we believe this approach provides insights into the similarities and differences across different communities.


Artist as advocate

This strategic project positions the artists as advocates, and creates powerful and engaging films which double as training and advocacy tools. A mix of documentaries and mockumentaries, they present insights into the experiences of culturally diverse artists in Australia.

Diverse Screens City of Sydney 2019

Commissions now open. Film-makers who live, work or study in City of Sydney are invited to create short films.

How to Apply & Film Brief

Diverse Screens Parramatta 2018

Diverse Screens Parramatta launched in June 2018. The films received wide coverage on TV and radio. Exploring themes from traditional Indian Kathak dancing to the journey of first-generation migrant artists to white-washing of skin colour in the Australian film and theatre industries, these films are brave and unflinching stories of contemporary Australia.

Missed the launch? Don’t worry – you can watch the live stream on Facebook.

Still from Rashmi Ravindran’s film First Impressions | Diverse Screens Parramatta
Rashmi Ravindran’s film First Impressions was officially selected for the 2018 World Film Fair in New York and the Wollongong Film Festival 2018; it was a Semi Finalist in the Real Film Festival 2018.
Gary Paramanathan’s film Mastering the Rhythm was officially selected for the 2018 Wollongong Film Festival; it was a Semi Finalist in the Real Film Festival 2018.
Vonne Patiag’s film Shading was a Semi Finalist in the Real Film Festival 2018 and was selected for the Sydney World Film Festival 2019. Check the website for session times in early April!


Diverse Screens Parramatta Filmmakers | L-R Rashmi Ravindran; Gary Paramanathan; Vonne Patiag


Meet the Diverse Screens Parramatta Filmmakers

  1. Vonne Patiag

  2. Rashmi Ravindran

  3. Gary Paramanathan


Still from Maria Tran’s film The Subtractor | Diverse Screens South West Sydney

Diverse Screens South West Sydney 2017

Diverse Screens South West Sydney launched at the Beyond Tick Boxes Symposium in June 2017. Tackling heavy-hitting themes such as refugee artist settlement and trauma, objectification and “performing” your identity, the impact of not seeing people like yourself in areas of the arts and how young people are designing their own creative futures. Their films subsequently screened throughout Australia, including in Fairfield, Perth, Melbourne’s Federation Square, the Adelaide Fringe Festival and in Vancouver, Canada. Roxie Vuong’s film Act Now was a finalist in the Made in the West film festival 2018.

Artists interviewed in Diverse Screens South West Sydney documentaries:

Beyond Christmas Island
  • Mahdi Mohammadi
  • Barat Ali Batoor
  • Wesam Mojahed
Against the Grain
  • Delina Darusman-Gala
  • Marky Dong
  • Bayvick Lawrence
Act Now
  • Sophea Op
  • Ebube Uba
  • Aanisa Vylet

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Meet the Diverse Screens South West Sydney Filmmakers!

  1. Maria Tran

  2. Ali Mousawi

  3. Roxie Vuong

  4. Thuy Nguyen