Arts in Daily Life: Australian Participation in the Arts

A wealth of statistical data, the Australia Council for the Arts 2014 report ‘Arts in Daily Life: Australian Participation in the Arts’ offers a snapshot of how Australians value and participate in the arts. Interesting data includes:

  • 38% of NESB migrants creatively participate in the arts, compared with 48% of others
  • 40% of NESB people create art, compared with 48s% of others
  • 64% of NESB people feel there are plenty of opportunities to
    get involved in the arts’, compared with 73% of others
  • 78% of NESB people believe in the right to total artistic freedom of expression, compared to 68% of others

Thanks to Nickin Alexander for digging up this research as part of DARTS’ literature review on public discourses around cultural diversity in the public domain.